systemic-oriented mental health clinicians in the Pacific Northwest HAVE A PROFESSIONAL HOME AT fAMILY sYSTEMS tHERAPISTS nORTHWEST.

The foundation of FSTNW is built on who we are, not what we do—it’s the therapists, not the therapy. We strive to build a personal connection with and among members, providing support for professional growth and interactive tools to strengthen the systems therapy community.

FSTNW promotes your professional interests through:

  • Education—providing unique learning opportunities that cross the barriers of license and focus on our shared growth as systems-trained therapists.
  • Networking—creating connection points across the professional lifespan, to move clinicians from isolation to community.
  • Professional resources—building community through innovative, member-focused communications and professional tools.

What’s New! Are an associate-level practitioner looking for a supervisor?  Our FSTNW Supervisor Database can help you find a qualified systemically-trained supervisor in your area.  If you are a FSTNW member and a supervisor, we invite you to add your name to the database.  Contact Kirk Roberts at kirk@fstnw.org to find out how.

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Family Systems Therapists Northwest promotes the common professional interests of couple and family therapists in the Pacific Northwest, advocates for the profession, and promotes professional standards.