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The highly collectible depression glass design known as JUBILEE was produced by the Lancaster Glass Company of Ohio during the 1930s. The entire Jubilee catalog included large bowls, glasses, stems, plates, along with more obscure pieces such as a candy dish and a cheese and cracker set.

It is generally accepted that the standard design “cut” of Jubilee is distinguished by a 12-petalled flower with pointed petals and an open center. The most common color was a shade of yellow called Topaz.  Pink Jubilee was also made.  The glass blanks that were used for the Jubilee pieces were generally, for the bowls and plates, a blank scalloped shape, while the glasses and stems used a paneled blank.

There are many exceptions, among which are the 11-petalled open-centered flower on the 3″ sherbet cup and the 3-footed candy jar with lid.  The Jubilee mayonnaise bowl with underplate was made with either 16-petalled or 12-petalled open-centered flowers.  There are some who dispute any of these variations as being “not Jubilee,” but in fact as many collectors know, there are many pieces with 16-petalled open-centered flowers. 

New information however indicates that the 11 petal, 12 petal, and 16 petal open center flowers were also placed on other shapes (molds) and were considered jubilee by the manufacturing companies. (See blog pages on this website for more explanation and pictures substantiating this claim)

The Lancaster Glass Company and its sister company Standard Glass Manufacturing Company produced 12-petalled open-centered flower pieces in designs called “Jubilee,” “Twinkle,” “Tat,” and “Tyrus.”  Today, most of these pieces are considered as Jubilee by collectors.

Many of the product catalogs of these two glass companies are lost, so it is not known all of the designs that were produced or what name was given to them.  The best reference to these patterns can be found in the catalog reprints of Jubilee, Tat, Twinkle, and Tyrus in Hazel Marie Weatherman’s excellent “Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2.”

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